Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanning system (Finger scan system)

Fingerprint Identification

Among bio-metric technologies, fingerprint identification techniques are one of the oldest that is practical and very popular. Each person has a unique identity and an untreated fingerprint is made up of a series of ridges and furrows on the surface of the finger. Fingerprint identity can be determined by the ridges and furrows, better known as “minoche” points, which refer to the intersection and end of the fingerprint. For this reason, our fingerprints have come to play an important role in our daily life. Which is widely seen until the adoption of a person’s access control (Access Control) and also to record the time (Time attendance system) time in – out of employees as well.

Fingerprint scanner Time recording technology with biometrics

The fingerprint scanner is another innovation of the modern era that has brought modern biological technology to come into use. Initially, fingerprint scanning technology is used in the legal field for Investigations and justice. The fingerprint system can help identify and identify a specific person making it possible to find the origin of the owner of the displayed fingerprint

Later with the strength of fingerprints which is the identity of this individual Fingerprint system It has therefore been applied to record history and personal details. By the fingerprint scanning system it will save the information of the person that is authorized and has a history in the machine database recorded. When accessing a facility or using other logging operations it will be allowed to enter the system or enter the premises. For those who have not been added to the database record before they will not be allowed to use. This system is applied to the employee database, records time, number of visits to work, and is used in the security system to screen people entering the building, etc.

Usage of the fingerprint scanner

Currently, there are two types of applications for fingerprint scanners. Both of which are popular in use for organizations or agencies quite a lot.

1. Fingerprint scanner Used in recording time only

This type of machine stores the information. Fingerprint scan attached to the machine – It indicates the time the fingerprints were scanned and saved and further stored in the machine’s system.

2. Fingerprint scanner Used in the door opening and closing system

The operation of the machine will have the same system as the first system in all respects. It only adds to the function of opening and closing the door to another layer, that is, for the fingerprint data that is already in the machine database when a person has a fingerprint scan. The machine will let the person through to enter the place. By linking with the automatic door opening system. But if any fingerprint that is not recorded in the device it will not be able to pass through the door

Why choose a fingerprint scanner although it can be difficult?

These effects may be encountered frequently with Fingerprint scanners in many models, we have a few techniques in case it will be useful to some people.

1. When collecting fingerprints with the fingerprint scanner, first select the easiest to record fingerprints. When it comes to scanning, it will be easily scanned. And fingerprint scanner you can also save your backup fingerprints, can save several inches. With the provision for any regular inch with a bandaged wound you can use another finger or other hand instead.
2. It is necessary to have a cartridge wax to sign the finger before scanning the fingerprint or hand towel for the staff to wipe their hands first. Scan the fingerprint (in case the person who scans the fingerprint is stuck) Perhaps our finger may be too dry for the fingerprint scanner to read.
3. One more cause sometimes we notice why the fingerprint scanner is easy to scan but sometimes you get stuck. This may be another reason for the fingerprint scanner to observe that the point where we scan the fingerprint, is there too much light at certain times? (Or when we scan a finger) If there is a lot of light during that time, the light may be shining at the point. That will scan fingerprints too much. Will not be able to scan fingerprints or get stuck. How to fix it, put the other hand to block the light from shining into the point where we place your finger.

If you are having problems with scanning your fingerprints that are difficult to scan, try re-recording the template fingerprints on the scanner. You might be surprised by these small things, but if you try these basic fixes and still run into these problems we recommend that you try to switch to Jarviz to be better and more importantly, free !! As well

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