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Frequently asked questions

How many users can I add in my company?2021-09-06T15:36:55+07:00

You can add as many users as you prefer. Jarviz offers support for unlimited users.

When check-in with Jarviz, is it required to take a photo?2021-09-06T15:37:16+07:00

If you don’t want to take photo, go to the setting in Jarviz Web and select Management> Settings> Check in and Check out Setting> under Attendance Picture, choose Not Required and save, then when check in with Jarviz, you will not be required to take photo.

I forgot my password, what should I do?2021-09-06T15:37:27+07:00

The steps for both Mobile and Website are the same: go to the Login page and select Forgot Password. Then enter your Email and hit the Reset Password button. Wait for a while, Jarviz system will send an email to you. In the Email you will see a new password. You can bring this new password to login and you will be able to login normally.

If an employee requests for leave in the Jarviz app, how can it be approved?2021-09-06T15:37:37+07:00

Must allow people who have the right to approve such as HR or Admin to approve in  the  Jarviz Web  and select Service> Leave> Approval> and select the date of the employee requests leave. Then press the correct mark and click the Approve button.

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