The evolution of time recorders, stepping into the time attendance program

Time recorder In and out of work 

It has been used by salary men, traveling through time from the traditional system to the present day where we can use Time Attendance Program or Time Attendance Application from our mobile phone to post office hours. 

Early age 

Back to the time when there was no advanced technology like the present. Time attendance is signed in the company’s notebook as evidence of attendance. Work each day and record this all day, from day to month, from month to year. After being able to invent electronic inventions that makes it more comfortable to make a time recorder. 

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Time-entry book in – out of work time. 

Second period 

A time recorder is an electronic device. One kind used Time attendance for employees for companies, organizations, offices, as well as factories and industries. Instead of saving time By letting the employee sign To save information The evolution of The time recorder starts from the clock machine. That requires a paper card inserted into the slot, then the machine will print the time at that time into the entrance and the end of work and sign. To verify the identity of the work 

Later it evolved to Barcode swipe card which is a bar that identifies the code of each employee. It costs only one time for the card and can be used for a long time until the system is reset It can be said that it is much more convenient than clocking. But the problem of time corruption still cannot be prevented.  

Time attendance

Time attendance record machine 

Age 3 

Until the digital age, technology has made great progress. It has even evolved to recording Fingerprint scan and iris scan. Because of fingerprints and iris of each person not being the same, need to be the same person as the one when registering in the database for the first time prevents the possibility of recording time attendance by a different person. Fingerprint scanner and Iris scanner has played a role in solving clocking problems more than card swiping which is 100 percent interchangeable, but the investment for fingerprint and iris scanner is quite high therefore not suitable for small companies 

Choosing to use the time attendance recorder of each organization needs to be considered all-round both in terms of investment and its efficiency – How much of a good result does it provide? Is it worth the money lost? In order to make employees have more work discipline  and realize the importance of recording time in and out of work. 

Present day 

This is an era where you don’t have to invest in scanners, don’t waste paper, and don’t waste time. No more need to pay for repairs. It is all included in an Application called Jarviz, which is a time-attendance program, easy to use and, most importantly, free !! 

Jarviz Application (Time Attendance Program or Time Recorder) 

That will help employees and personnel work more conveniently as a time-attendance program or a time-recording program with all 4 main features: 

  • Check-in and check-out with the GPS system that we can know where does each employee work? Even at home, you can know so there’s no need to use a fingerprint scanner or card reader. Reducing the cost and no longer any waste of time. 
  • Employees need leave (Leave Request), 
  • Cash withdrawal (Petty Cash), all without paper. 
  • Operation Log recording, daily work of employees It can easily track the daily work of employees. It can be used on both Mobile (iOS and Android) / Website. Make this App Jarviz free !!! 

Therefore, Jarviz is a time-attendance application program. A program to record time and help you work from home which will result in helping you connect seamlessly with your company. 

Download for free, just apply : apply now!!

Can Download Application Jarviz to be used as a time attendance system for employees. Free to use !! Available at the App Store and Play Store. 

IOS can be downloaded at the link below. 


For Android you can download at the link below. 


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