Operation log

It is a feature to record the work of employees each day. Its usage can be described as follows

1. Click on 

2. Fill in the details of the job in the field of “Your Operation Log” and click the button

– If in 1 day, employees can work in multiple jobs. Job details and add jobs as needed

Additional Notes

– If you fill out job details and click on The system will send a notification as in the picture.

3. When filling in the details, can save or send the story

button Is the button to send the subject and confirm the submission of work

button That is, it will save the work as a draft (Draft) stored in the Mobile device, we have not sent the matter.


4. After clicking Submit or Save button, at the first page of Operation log (This Week) will display the status as in the picture.

Explain 2 more Tabs:
– Last Week will be the Operation log of the last week.- This Month will be the Operation log of this month.